“Tea Party with Yuriko Tiger” is a simple gathering for lovers of Japan, manga and cosplay with the presence of an Imperian girl who left 7 years ago to go and live in Tokyo.
He works as a professional cosplayer, model, actress and reporter.
There has been a meeting with tea and biscuits included for the occasion, a small conference on what life is like in Japan and time to chat and make friends.

If you want to come wearing a cosplay or in alternative clothes, there is a room you can use to change.

The event took place on Saturday, the 11th of January!


L’11 gennaio a Imperia si è svolto il “Tea Party con Yuriko Tiger”, un semplice raduno per amanti del Giappone, dei manga e del cosplay con la presenza di una ragazza imperiese che è partita 7 anni fa per andare a vivere a Tokyo.
Lavora come cosplayer professionale, modella, attrice e reporter.

Articolo e Video sull’evento ➢ https://video.ilsecoloxix.it/imperia/a-imperia-tea-party-con-yuriko-tiger/57329/57311

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